10 Tips for a Green Wedding

Can you imagine how many weddings there are in SA each year? There’s at least one wedding a weekend at many of the popular venues – sometimes more! The impact of just one celebration on the environment is magnified by thousands each year. As a bride, you can choose to ensure your wedding doesn’t produce unnecessary waste or increase your carbon footprint.
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Reuse, Rejoice AND Recycle at your wedding.

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is a team dedicated to increasing eco-behaviours and glass recycling in South Africa. The team at TGRC believe there are many ways you can host a green celebration. TGRC suggests some tips to help you become an eco-bride:

  1. Ensure your venue recycles, ask ahead of time if they separate waste, such as glass bottles which can be easily recycled infinitely. Venues should have a glass bank or glass bins for empty champagne, wine and beer bottles (venues can apply for a glass bank here: www.tgrc.co.za)
  2. Reuse waste in a creative way; think of clever décor ideas such as reusing glass bottles and jars that can be recycled after the event
  3. Consider trendy glass jars to serve your cocktails, but be sure to use paper rather than plastic straws
  4. Minimise your use of throw-away water bottles, consider reusable glass bottles or jugs of water on tables
  5. Use local flora that is in season to avoid using imported flowers and consider greenery rather than expensive flowers
  6. Think eco-wedding favours, consider tree saplings or succulents in glass jars as living gifts or consider a packet of seeds or seed paper for your thank you notes,
  7. Consider a donation in lieu of favours to your favourite environmental organisation; Green Beings, for instance, do amazing education programmes teaching communities about eco-behaviours
  8. Consider an indigenous tree-planting during or after your ceremony – very romantic and doubling up on green points
  9. Make sure your venue composts their food waste – keeping their gardens lush and green at the same time
  10. Be sure to use biodegradable confetti, such as potpourri, bird seed, petals or herbs

Glass recycling is worth the effort!

For tips and advice like on recycling find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheGlassRecyclingCo or visit our website http://www.tgrc.co.za/

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