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“You want me to organise your wedding? Certainly Sir, at once. We will go to Africa”

Etiquette, style, professionalism, and entertainment all need to come together to create the perfect wedding. It’s a big undertaking, almost like taking on a brand-new company you have no experience in managing with a non-negotiable deadline that engenders both fear and excitement all at once as you consider the type of detail and input required. Ranging from business contracts and deposits to colour choices on ‘save the dates’, to cake tastings and pillow gifts in the bedrooms, it’s a wonder any self-respecting bride and groom make it to the alter after such a taxing ordeal.

Rest assured, you don’t necessarily need a wedding planner but you may need the support of a professional in-house event organiser depending on the type of wedding you are planning as the possibilities are multi-faceted.

Custom weddings

South African law accounts for Civil Marriage, Customary Marriage and Civil Union and often traditional South African’s will hold pre- and post celebrations around the offering of lobola, a traditional white wedding and a cultural wedding in traditional dress and custom. Married couples may also choose to renew their vows, or go on that honeymoon they never had the time or the money for before. Whether you are looking for a beautiful natural landscape where you are close to Nature or a 5-star luxury-styled celebrity safari wedding, Hayward Safaris provides uniquely African wedding and marriage celebrations to suit most styles. 

The Perfect Wedding

First, let’s ask what is the perfect wedding for you? Is it the church-venue-meal-cut-the-cake-and-wave-goodbye model that goes ‘without a hitch’ or is it something unique and personal to the engaged couple which delivers bespoke authenticity and personality? Does it entail cultural heritage and respectful honouring or a non-denominational co-joining and free flow celebrations that you continue to delight in, in years to come? 

We have all experienced at least one of those formulaic weddings which unfold by rote and are so boring that you almost wish Uncle Frank would get drunk and trip over the wedding cake so you can all go home early. No one would wittingly choose to present the biggest day of their life, where they are making such a profound commitment to each other, in front of some many people they know, in this way. But it happens. There are so many details to organise, so many decisions to make, so many things to do ahead of time that most wedding couples are so frazzled before they walk down the aisle that they spend the first part of their honeymoon sleeping.

And there is going to be pressure to make it breathtakingly beautiful, where every detail gets a gasp of delight from your guests, a day where each one of your guests is considered, so they remain completely engaged and at one with you in celebrating the love you and your partner share. 

It is quite possible that the hardest part in preparing and choosing for your wedding day is going to be how to make it special, different, and uniquely yours.

What if we said you didn’t have to make all these decisions, that all you would have to do is decide where you wanted to get married?

Exceptional Weddings

There are a million wedding venues competing for your business. Hayward’s Grand Safari Company is not one of them. This is because we are not a venue per se, we are a luxury mobile African safari camp ready to prepare an exceptional experience just for you. You only need to point to your location of choice on the map of pristine wildlife nature reserves where you are assured of total privacy and we make your wedding event happen for you in 5-star safari luxury, with all the bells and whistles. 

Did we mention that you would be the centre of attention in the middle of untouched nature? Where each and every member of our staff, from our private butlers to our silver service waiters to our game staff, would be focussed on just you and your wedding party. With no other guests or visitors around, weddings with Hayward’s Grand Safari Company assures you total privacy, discretion and 5-star service for you and your guests. All you have to do is arrive, by helicopter, by hot air balloon, by camel, horse or vintage car. We have your personal butler waiting for you, the silver service sorted, the 22-course meal prepared, the finest whiskies, gins, and wines prepped in the Cigar tent, fresh flowers and the million stars of the galaxy as your décor and the choice of a six-piece string quartet or an international rock band flown in just for you for one night. We even have our very own professional wedding photographer Darrell Fraser to capture your special moments.
After nearly twenty years of delivering only the finest luxury big group events and expeditions in untouched natural reserves teeming with Big 5 game, we understand the meaning of ‘a perfect wedding’ celebrated where heaven and earth meet in Nature.

Hayward’s Wedding Menu:

Types of wedding events: Zulu, Pedi, English traditional, Safari or Outback
Types of transport for the bride: vintage car, helicopter, balloon, elephant back, camel back, horseback, horse and carriage
Venue: Bespoke 5-star tented, or under the open sky.
Culinary: An 8 course up to 22 course sit down silver service, Arabian style, traditional braai or spit.
Music: Full staged productions and DJ, full orchestra, Grand piano soloist, 5 piece quartet.
Themes: Arabian Nights, Sacred Safaris,
Pillow gifts: Beaded Ndebele bags, leather travel bags, safari wear, pith helmuts, beaded hats, engraved ostrich eggs.
Activities: Big 5 game drives, bush walks with an armed ranger, bush sundowners, picnics, and specialist astronomers.

Hayward’s Grand Safari Company
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