3 things to think about when buying a mattress

With so many mattress company’s on the market and the current state of the mattress industry (hint: shopping for a mattress is definitely moving to be an online experience) it can be really difficult to navigate all the options. Especially if you do purchase a mattress online, like so many people are, without ever feeling the mattress before the purchase. It never hurts to have more resources and more information, you can find more information put together by reviews.com on what to look for here and if you still crave more info the entire resource can be found here.
Happy mattress shopping and keep in mind:

Watch for fair pricing.

Just because a mattress costs a lot more than another, doesn’t mean it’s really that much better. Often, you pay for brand name or features that don’t make a difference in the long run (more coils, heavier wire, fancier fabric, etc.) Additionally, when shopping in store for a mattress, they are usually marked up 30-59 percent and you have the opportunity to haggle down, while online mattresses are all sold at one set price.

Look for a return policy.

Spoiler alert, you won’t know how you really feel about your mattress after laying on it for just 5 minutes on a store floor. You will need to sleep on it at least one night, more ideal for a couple weeks before you really know how you feel about it. Pesky return fees and difficult return policies are a huge red flag.

Keep in mind.

Extend your mattresses life by keeping it clean and rotating it occasionally. But don’t back down from buying a mattress when it’s time. It’s usually time for a new one every 5 to 10 years.
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