A Unique Pamper

Boudoir Box is a unique pamper box that caters to curvy women and that pairs two pieces of handmade, designer lingerie – or knickers (sizes 14 to 22) – with three locally-made beauty products. It comfortably boasts itself as being the perfect pamper treat for oneself, a friend or a partner. Furthermore, the pamper boxes are available on a once-off, a three-month and a monthly subscription.

Boudoir Box pamper boxes are available to purchase online at www.boudoirbox.co.za with a handy measuring chart that helps you find the right fit for your curves, and you’ll have your cheeky gift delivered straight to your door.

Basically, if you head to Boudoir Box site, you can choose whether you’d like to purchase the pamper box once-off, or a three-month subscription or simply on a monthly basis. Once you select your option, you can make use of the handy measuring chart which helps you find the right fit for your curves so that your door-to-door delivery reaches you not only in the ‘knick’ of time but also in your size.

Digital and social media information for The Boudoir Box:
Website: www.boudoirbox.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/boudoirboxsa
Instagram: www.instagram.com/theboudoirbox
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