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Picking the right venue for your wedding is very important – however it’s not always easy. A wedding is the central part of creating the atmosphere at your wedding. Getting the perfect wedding venue can get a bit tricky because there are so many options to choose from. The first you need to consider when booking a venue is availability. Some venues get booked in advance for special events. Some venues have online calendars which you can look at before making a booking. You need to ask what the deposit is, when it is due, if it is refundable and if there are any discounts being offered on venue bookings. Everything will fall into place once you have found the perfect venue and you know that is available. Sune Oosthuizen, manager at Rustig shares his top tips for picking the perfect venue for your wedding.

Choose a venue that aligns to your authenticity and vision:

It is important to make sure that you pick a venue that fits the vision you have in mind. The venue you go with should make it easy to make the vision that you have for your wedding – a reality. You will also need to check if the venue is naturally beautiful or if it requires additional decor to make it fit the look you’re going for. The venue that you pick needs to fit in well with the vision and aesthetic that you have in mind. Picking a venue that enhances and goes well with the theme you have in mind will help create your dream wedding. Consult your venue about booking a DJ or live band for your wedding if that’s what you want for your wedding. There are some legal implications like cut-off times that a venue should abide by with regards to music and live bands. These should be clearly communicated to you so that you know what to expect if you’d like to have your favourite band or DJ performing at your wedding.

Consider the full guest experience:

Picking a venue that is the right size for all your guests is important when planning your wedding. You must pay attention to the capacity of any venue you’re viewing before you book it so that you know how many people it can accommodate. The last thing you want is to have your guests being uncomfortable because the venue that you went with is too small. Find out if the layout fits your needs. If you’re having your reception and wedding ceremony at the same venue – is there enough space for both of the events. You also have to check if the venue you pick provides accommodation. Some of your guests might be travelling from far and would like to have the option of staying overnight. Adequate parking for your guests is another important factor to consider. Your guests will have a peace of mind knowing that there is enough space for them to park their cars. The venue you are looking to book needs to be easy to find and should preferably not be located too close to busy roads. Another important thing to consider when it comes to guests is if the venue is handicap accessible for guests with mobility issues. You should also check if there is any signage that will direct your guests to the wedding hall, reception area as well at the restrooms.

Know what the full venue offering is:

While some venues will provide tables and chairs – there may be extra costs involved when it comes to things like cutlery, table cloths, decoration, plates, glasses as well as the dance floor. Other venues might have catering restrictions – meaning that they will want you to use their catering services. If this is the case, then you need to find out if there are any kitchen facilities available for your caterers. A full service venue will provide all these things plus catering. If the idea of finding the perfect venue, rental company and caterer stresses you out then you might want to go with this option. Not all venues will provide these but you need to make sure that you ask what is included in the booking fee and what you need to source yourself. When it comes to outdoor weddings – be sure to ask if there are any facilities provided in case it gets too hot or starts raining. Find out if the venue has rooms that can be used in the event of bad weather conditions or if you need to organise a marquee for yourself. Also find out if the venue provides alcohol as some venues don’t allow you to bring your own alcohol. Permits are normally required and without one – you won’t be able to serve alcohol at your wedding. In cases where you need to bring your own alcohol, some venues will require you to source your own permit. Ask about the wedding liability insurance as some venues will ask you to have this in case of any alcohol related accidents, injuries or any damage to the property. Another thing to consider is a cancellation fee in case of unpredicted illness. Find out if you have to hire your own security or if the venue has their security staff.

Make sure that you pay attention to the venue as a whole. Look at everything including the kitchen area, lighting, restrooms and the foyer.

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