Tips for the perfect Easter egg hunt

Easter is known for plenty of things besides the religious aspect. We have divine hot cross buns filling the shelves and bright artwork of Easter bunnies and eggs everywhere. The family gets together for a beautiful weekend and a lunch feast. Best of all, there will be an Easter egg hunt for the children. It’s a tradition that’s brilliantly fun and delicious.

But what can you do to take your 2018 Easter egg hunt up a notch? We have a few ideas up our sleeves.

All the colours

Are the children always fighting about who got what, and that some found more eggs than others? Colour-code the eggs. Give each child a bucket that’s a specific colour, and they can only collect the corresponding eggs.

Add mystery

Instead of hiding eggs everywhere, create a treasure and clues. Send the children on a treasure hunt with one clue leading to the next, and finally, they’ll find the Easter egg treasure.

Make it interesting

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs, hide wooden or plastic eggs. Give the children time to search and when it’s run out, count the eggs collected. Give a chocolatey egg to each child and a chocolate Easter bunny to the child who found the most eggs.

The golden egg

Add an extra element to the hunt, by hiding a golden egg as well. Make sure the children know about it and that the person who finds the golden egg will get an extra prize. Now they’ll search and collect the normal chocolate eggs, and put extra effort into finding the bonus prize.

Easter trifle

For dessert, make a divine chocolate trifle and hide Easter eggs between the layers. Now watch as your loved ones are delighted by these fun surprises. Just remember to take the foil off the eggs. If you’re looking for a recipe, visit for scrumptious treats.

Guided tour

Get creative and take the children on a guided tour. Put up decorations around the house or garden of animals (real or fictional) and tell stories about the animals you see along the tour. Every once in a while stop when you spot the wondrous and rare Easter egg, then share it with someone in the group.


Buying all the Easter treats can get expensive. So, if you want to enjoy the fun and stick to your budget, sign up for My Chocolate Box and get a box filled with divine chocolatey goodies delivered straight to your door. Visit for more. You can also swap out the egg with rewards such a coupon for their favourite meal or a “discount” on chores.

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