5 Reasons to Choose a Curved Kitchen Design

Africa’s largest décor, design and lifestyle exhibition, Decorex Joburg – presented by Plascon – has always featured the most innovative designers to showcase the latest trends in interior design. For the 25th edition of Decorex Joburg, the ‘Masters of the Curve’ – Curves & Bevels Designer Kitchens –  introduced visitors to the on-style curved kitchen cabinetry at this latest installation. Curves & Bevels Designer Kitchens has outlined the top 5 benefits of curved kitchen cabinetry.

  1. Creates a relaxed environment

Countryside hills, rolling waves…these gentle images reflect the curved design that makes the modern kitchen such a relaxing space. Subconsciously we associate sharp, defined edges with danger, whereas rounded edges bring about a sense of calm which makes the curved kitchen design a much more relaxing environment.

2. Suited to open-plan living

The trend of open-plan living continues in the modern kitchen design which sees the kitchen as a focal point for family engagement and social entertainment. The curved design is particularly well-suited to this inviting style with kitchen diners and breakfasts bars gaining in popularity.

3. Available in a variety in styles

This modern design was initially more popular in contemporary homes, but as the curved cabinetry has developed, there are now styles available for every property type. High-end apartments, grand country homes and traditional family spaces will find a complementary curved kitchen style to fit the individual configuration.

4. Maximises storage space

There is a misconception that curved cabinetry results in reduced kitchen storage space. However, the reality is that a well-constructed curved kitchen will actually maximise the storage availability and is particularly suited to modern products and appliances found in kitchens.

5. Brings in some island style  

Curved kitchen islands are an amazingly captivating focal unit which ties the entire room together. If you’re not looking for too bold a statement, then the rectangular island can be constructed with gently rounded edges. On the other end of the curved scale is the completely circular kitchen island which can include a central hob surrounded by useful workspace.


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