Fire and Feast

On the 9th of June, we went to the Fire and Feast Meat Festival and the Ticketpro Dome. Now, you have to understand that Husband is not crazy about expos of any sort but we thought this one would be different! Next time I’m on my own baby!

As you get to the ticketing area, you are already overwhelmed with delicious aromas from the outside vendors cooking up a storm. There are places to sit and enjoy your chosen food and listen to music before or after you wander around inside.

You have to do your homework so that you know what talks are happening and when so that you can attend the right ones. Because I hadn’t planned properly, we got the tail end of this one. Meat can be a tricky thing to get exactly right and so these kinds of talks are perfect.

There were interesting vendors, four standouts for me were:

Green Fire Eco-Firelighters, Mister Tjoppie’s with their non-stick braai sheet

and Love Tea Time with their delicious teas. But best of all, and really great to see was Earth Warrior with their non-plastic straws.


Next dates are 11 to 13 October 2019, see you there.




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