Upcycling storage crates

After receiving a press release from the Rust Oleum PR team, I asked if they would be interested in supplying a pot of paint for a small project and they said yes! I wasn’t able to complete the project in one sitting but I definitely enjoyed it. Painting the crates turned out to be relaxing especially since I used an area on our front porch in the shade and cool to do so!


Following the instructions on the back of the tin was easy and the paint went on smoothly and without too much mess! The best part was that the brush cleaned easily with water, no turps or any other chemical.

You can see the paint in this video I did as an Instagram story which is why it is vertical.

You don’t need to sand and strip existing paint to get started and have a great result. Make sure that you wipe down the item that you are going to paint so that it is clean and dry. The start!

This was the start of the second crate.

The final product is looking cool in the small bathroom as storage for toilet rolls and a shelf to hold facial products.

Finished Rust Oleum paint finish

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