L'Or Espresso coffee packaging

We love L’Or Espresso

I have recently been lucky enough to have arranged L’Or Espresso packs as a promotional giveaway at a few events for clients and of course we had to try it! We are so excited that there L’Or Espresso is an aluminium capsule that is designed to fit in your Nespresso machine and of course preserves the aromas and flavour unlike the the plastic capsules you have been able to find to date.

Product USPs:

  • Available in Supermarkets
  • UTZ certified (ethically sourced product traceable to the source)
  • 100% aluminium capsule
  • Gold standard espresso (European measurement for coffee quality)

The varieties are

(our favourite is Ristretto intensity 11)

There are 6 varieties which are available in your local store and depending on the store you buy it from will be around R59.99.


Delicate  and refined, sumptuous SATINATO is a velvety blend yielding a rich and  unique aroma with a zesty character to enjoy throughout the day.

Flavours:  Zesty, Sumptuous, Unique

Intensity: 6


The  perfect reflection of unparalleled espresso quality defines SPLENDETE,  with a confident aroma, elegant golden crema layer and irresistible flair, hallmarked by nutty tones and zesty citrus finish.

Flavours:  Zesty, Balanced, Confident

Intensity: 7


LUNGO  PROFONDO raises the volume with an intense and spicy aroma of roasted  almonds and tantalizing licorice, rounded out with a shimmering bronze crema layer.

Flavours: Intense, Spicy, Tantalising

Intensity: 8


Exquisite  SONTUOSO is a classic espresso with notes of roasted almonds and an  uplifting floral flair, finished with the amber glow of a rich and silky-light crema layer.

Flavours: Floral, Nutty, Uplifting

Intensity: 8


Unleash  the unbridled power of purebred FORZA, a fiery espresso with a  well-constructed complexity of oak and licorice illuminated by amber  tints that dance upon a delicate crema layer.

Flavours:  Intense, Solid Fiery

Intensity: 9


Carefully-considered  RISTRETTO dazzles the senses with its expressive fresh persona and  powerful spicy aroma, an ideal Ristretto blend that makes striving for  espresso perfection an intensely unforgettable journey.

Flavours:  Powerful, Expressive, Ideal

Intensity: 11

Website: https://www.lorespresso.co.za
Instagram: @lorespresso_za
Facebook: @LOrEspressoSA

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