Hey! Janet Gericke here!

I am fascinated by the bright shiny thing that is the internet and believing that there is no such thing as a digital or social media guru or expert, I avidly devour everything available about the internet and how to use it for best results.

I am a practiced user of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and I have checked out Vero and We Love It. I’m not so sure about SnapChat so I’ve steered clear and I’m getting better at LinkedIn all the time. I have a few blogs for different things and also share the wonderful things that I experience online.

Specialties: Media liaison, Sourcing sponsorship, Consumer PR, IT sector PR, B2B PR, strategy, marketing strategy, social media strategy, social media content management, implementation and administration.

With over 20 years general experience in business, I am able to offer more than just marketing skill to any company that I work with.

Now, I work in our family business, Pint Size Media, helping brands to tell their stories. This blog is to share things that I like, am interested in or may use in the course of my day. Feel free to use and share.

For brands

You are welcome to send me media information, invitations and product which I will only accept if it is something that I may use or try in the normal course of my life. A tip – I love to craft, I love visiting expos and fairs, we frequent restaurants as a family and I I aspire to start travelling again. For health and beauty, I am not shy to say that I am 55 and am now focusing on those things that are a challenge or relevant to my age. For home and food, well anything goes, maybe. Email me janet@janetgenerallyspeaking.co.za. I don’t charge and will include #sponsored in posts if you provide product/services for review.

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