HANNON: The More Hair Volumising Range

With spring a mere six weeks away, your hair deserves to look at its best this summer. Healthy, strong and shiny, with HANNON your hair will look nothing short of fabulous.

HANNON’s More Hair Volumising hair care range is packed full of ingredients specially formulated for fine, limp hair. If your hair is naturally straight with little to no volume, The More Hair range, rich in Vitamin B, Anti-Oxidants, and Yeast Extract, contains anti-hair loss properties and stimulates hair growth and repair.

The More Hair Volumising Shampoo with pH 5 – pH 5.5 is a gentle cleansing shampoo for fine, limp and naturally straight hair that has little or no volume. Gentle enough for daily use. Suitable for colour or chemically treated hair. Cleanses thickens and repairs hair. Restores hair and scalp’s natural oil and protein balance. Leaves hair looking fuller and healthier.

The More Hair Volumising Conditioner with pH 5 – pH 6, is a super lightweight Conditioner that gently nourishes the hair. Detangles hair instantly. Thickens and repairs hair. Gentle enough for daily use. Suitable for colour and chemically treated hair. Leaves hair smooth and shiny with lots of volume.

The More Hair Volumising Mist with pH 4 – pH 5 is an instant hair thickener for fine, limp hair that needs maximum volume. Activated by the heat of a hairdryer. Gentle enough for daily use. Suitable for colour or chemically treated hair. Prevents static electricity and split ends. Leaves hair looking thicker, fuller and healthier.

The Style Freeze Firm Hold Hairspray with pH 7 is for all hair types and hairstyles. This gentle, but powerful, firm hold hairspray, freezes any style or high-fashion look and holds it firmly in place without looking dull or lacquered, even after brushing out or running your fingers through your hair. This water-soluble formula provides brilliant shine with powerful, long-lasting hold and control. Brushes out easily.

The Style Lock Super Hold Hairspray with pH7 – Sophisticated hairstyles that need to look picture-perfect all day long need a hairspray with superior hold to lock your style. This hairspray keeps any style in place through extreme climate changes like heat, cold and even resist the strongest wind-depending on how much product you use.

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