3 Inspired Celebrity Bathrooms to Recreate for Your Next Renovation

Long considered international trendsetters in all things fashion and décor, it’s no surprise that celebrity homes are often the first place people look when sourcing fresh ideas to use in their own homes. While the world’s favourite Hollywood stars have near-unlimited decorating budgets to play around with, many are amazed to find that these looks can be recreated far more affordably than you think. Liza Watermeyer, Visual Display Manager at Tile Africa, explains:
“It’s about identifying the features that contribute the most to the stylish bathrooms you see on TV and in glossy magazines, then sourcing similar items and materials in a way that’s friendly to your budget, and fit-for-purpose to your project.”

Here are three of Liza’s favourite celebrity bathrooms of the moment, along with clever tips to achieve them right here at home, for a fraction of the price of a Hollywood decorator.

Kylie Jenner

Via Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/157414949455189978/

The youngest Jenner daughter’s Calabasas home has a bathroom as dark, mysterious and effortlessly chic as she is. Clad in glossy black that makes the most of plentiful natural lighting, it is minimal and plush at the same time.

“What makes this bathroom so striking are the colours and reflective surfaces she has opted for throughout,” according to Liza. “Metro tiles are incredibly popular around the world at the moment, providing great texture and interest without breaking the large, continuous expanses of walls and floors. Paired with the shiny black tiles, dramatic mirrors and reflective storage units, the effect is an exquisite hall-of-mirrors that is both dark and bright at the same time.”

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Via Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/200691727121029040/
Leonardo DiCaprio’s bright blue oasis in his Palm Springs home is the embodiment of surfer-cool: vibrant in its aquatic references but simple and masculine in its design.
“Mosaics aren’t just for shower floors and decorative borders anymore. Leo has gone bold in his use of these tiny tesserae, mixing a variety of ocean-blue hues for floor-to-ceiling impact,” says Liza. “Here’s the tricky part. Going with visually busy walls means you’ll need to pull back on clutter and accessories to keep the room from becoming overwhelming.”
As can be seen in DiCaprio’s bathroom, Liza emphasises the importance of sufficient bathroom storage, as well as simple fittings, fixtures and accessories to keep the attention on the eye-popping tile work.

Patrick Dempsey

Via Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/205687907958129933/
Natural elements and muted colours abound in Patrick Dempsey’s Malibu Bathroom, with a liberal use of wood, stone and cement, creating a simple and calming atmosphere.
“This is probably my favourite of the three,” says Liza. “We are seeing more and more South African homes going for similar looks that combine rugged, natural elements with refined finishes and a choice selection of beautiful objects.”
And while wooden floors are probably not the most practical solution for the wet areas in our own homes, Liza points out an affordable, reliable, and long-lasting shortcut.
“New printing methods have given rise to a whole range of wood-look tiles that mimic the look of Patrick Dempsey’s floor extremely closely, even offering different wood-grains, colours and textures to imitate specific woods perfectly.”

Bringing it home

So, the next time you see a covetable celebrity bathroom on social media or in the latest glossy décor magazine, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s unattainable on a regular-Joe’s budget. With the right suppliers and some careful creative thinking, you can achieve the same beautiful bathroom looks for a fraction of the price. Happy decorating!
For more information on Tile Africa products, visit www.tileafrica.co.za or contact Tile Africa on 0800 002 783. 
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