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The weather is getting warmer, summer clothes are out and it’s time to grab that swimming gear! Not that any South African needs an excuse to have a braai. GLAD will make for a trusty companion, helping the day to run smoothly. Here are a few handy hints:

GLAD is all about saving good food from going bad; check what’s already in your fridge and freezer before making a bee-line to the shops – you might find that you already have a feast just waiting to be sizzled on the open flame.

There are so many foods that taste scrumptious off the braai; if you’re planning a big day with your buddies, remember to wrap all your goodies in GLAD Cling Wrap beforehand to keep them fresh and pest-free!
If you’re preparing your food the night before, wrap salad dishes and marinating meat containers in GLAD Press ‘n Seal; it’ll seal in the freshness with airtight strength and keep the food from spilling if you’re travelling somewhere.
GLAD Foil helps to make braais versatile! You can use GLAD Foil to cook potatoes or mielies on the braai with. You can also use GLAD Foil to wrap and cover your garlic bread in and put straight onto the hot coals.
GLAD Ice Cube Bags are perfect for cool drinks. Use them as conventional ice cubes, or freeze fruit juices and cordials for a delicious edge in your summer drink!

GLAD loves leftovers! Cooked meat needs to be wrapped up using GLAD Cling Wrap, stored in the fridge and then eaten within two days to be safe.

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