Grooming for the big day

We’ve all heard about the notorious bridezilla that appears when a woman plans and prepares for her wedding. To make sure the groom doesn’t have to resort to scare tactics to look his best, we’ve asked men’s grooming experts, Hines & Harley Men’s Grooming Lounge, for advice on how a gentleman should prepare for his wedding day.


One to two weeks before the wedding

Now is a good time to get your skin looking its best. Have a facial designed for men’s skin. It will clear up any stress breakouts and remove dull, flaky skin. While you are at it, wax those wayward ear and nostril hairs! Tidy up the brows! Everything must look neat and tamed.
For the more daring gent, body waxing is very popular these days, especially before that honeymoon on an exotic island. “Manscaping” is quick, and a lot less painful than one would imagine.
If your feet resemble those of a mountain-dwelling savage, treat yourself to a sports pedicure. Ingrown nails are removed, rough skin is filed off, and the nails are cleaned, cut and buffed till no ridge or excess cuticle is in sight. The best result of a pedicure, however, is the look on your wife’s face when your smooth feet rub up against hers…

On the day

With your skin already sorted, you can spend the morning making sure that you are photo-ready. This entails a fresh haircut and style, followed by a cut-throat shave or trendy beard shape – the perfect frame for that killer smile of yours.
Your hands are likely to enjoy more attention on your wedding day than ever before. Those close-up shots of rings being exchanged… You will be well advised, therefore, to spend some time preparing your hands for the role they have to play on the day. A professional man-icure will ensure that no hangnails or ragged cuticles will photobomb the ring show-off photos.
If you are feeling nervous (and who wouldn’t on such a big day), a quick neck-and-shoulder massage is just the ticket. It will ease the tension and calm you down.
For added fun, bring your groomsmen with to the grooming lounge for a classy pre-wedding party. You can all get groomed and dressed at the same venue, and have photographs taken in which you take centre stage.
Your wedding day is all about having fun and celebrating your union; the best way to start it off is by looking and feeling like a million bucks.
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