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“What product do you use on your skin?”, I was asked by a man who was studying my face like Indiana Jones looks at a gold idol.

“Product?”, I ask in reply.
“Yes, what do you use to clean your face?”
“Shampoo?” I weakly reply. “I don’t know. Soap?”
That was the wrong answer, and for another delicious hour, I was shown the correct way to look after my face, skin and beard.
Yes, I am a beard man, mainly because I am lazy. It’s so much easier to let the hair on my face grow uncontrolled than to have to stand in front of a mirror every morning and shave it off. Also, I am too lazy to put up a mirror in my bathroom, so there’s that. You might be getting the idea that I am a little lazy.
I am a shower guy, wash hair, rub the face, wash the body, dry and get dressed. The whole process is a 5-minute operation. No mess, no fuss. So when I popped into Hines and Harley in Parkhurst, I stepped in with a little apprehension.
That feeling of unease fell away as soon as I crossed the threshold.


This is no regular spa. The smell of fresh coffee wafted to my nose, Elvis Presley playing on the music system and a fully stocked bar off to the left. On the reception table was a pipe stand, a little brochure and the price list, which we will get back to.
I was warmly greeted by a man of judgement, was offered a great espresso and ushered to a barber chair that looked like something a New York Gangster would be proud to fill. To my left was an array of products, to my right, a blackboard with the drinks menu that included mampoor, I was sold, this is my place.


Mr Judgy, after being shocked by my shampoo cleaning ritual, looked me in the eye and told me to relax, he would make me look good. I wished him luck.
Hines and Harley is a boutique male spa. It’s a head to toe all-male solution centre. If you want your hair done, they will do it. If your other half demands the old “sack, back and crack” then they will do that too. Without even flinching. They do something named man-icure, which I love. The decor is manly, the music is manly and the products are made for men. And who can not go to a spa that serves
I went for a beard trim and facial. Now, for the record, I have great skin for a 45-year-old. But Mr Judgy took me through the steps of how to cleanse, wash, rinse, tone and moisturise.
Then there is the beard, so much more than I thought. To me, it’s a bunch of hair. Oh no, he says, you need to treat it well with oils and other things. And I will certainly listen to him, he has a great beard, glistening in the warm overhead lights.
After having the whole skin massage, cleanse and treatment, it was time for the hot shave. I loved! I felt like a true gangster. Hot towel on the face, straight razor making me look wonderful. The cool cloth afterwards was refreshing and the beard lotion certainly something I will be buying in the future. I left feeling on top of the world. Fresh, clean and moisturised.
I took my teenage son to Hines and Harley that same week and he seemed to enjoy the whole experience too. Which is saying something as trying to find anything that a 16-year-old enjoys, is challenging to say the least.


Prices at Hines and Harley are not cheap, but I am a fan of value for money. The experience, the treatment and the great products make the experience something to behold.


Pop in, mention my name and let me know.

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