Put a steak in it

As you know, we were lucky enough to receive a Philips Airfryer to review and after the success of the roast chicken, we were eager to try a steak! We usually keep steak to the braai or a restaurant as it is difficult to get a perfect steak on a conventional stove and as we don’t have gas, it can be quite challenging.
If you read the last post about the Philips Airfryer (click here) you will know that we fell in love with the appliance right off the bat and the steak dinner only served to confirm the love!

Great news is that you can accommodate all requests when you have the Philips Airfryer, in our house, it was two medium and one medium rare and we nailed it! #beststeakever….. is that a hashtag yet?

As I mentioned in the last post, there is no need to be daunted by this amazing appliance as there is an App which gives you all the help and advice you need. Better yet, if you can’t find it on the App, use Google and you will find an enormous stock of tips, tricks and recipes.

TIP: if you are not sure of how long you should keep the steak in for, start off with small increments in time, we found that this helped to get the perfect steak!

Check out this video for inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xh7L8Wn6K0
There will be more on the Philips Airfryer on the blog, so don’t go away. I’ll tell you about the part that I found the hardest – keeping it clean.
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