Discover the Power of Fragrance with Grace Cole

Grace Cole is passionate about the power of fragrance.

Fragrance is a dynamic trigger which can enhance mood, spark memories and improve wellbeing. Established in 2007 by local entrepreneur Tracy Mort MBE, Grace Cole produces award-winning skin and body care products and newly launched luxurious home fragrances.
Grace Cole’s philosophy is a simple one: extraordinary products at everyday prices. Products are created with luxury in mind. The kind of luxury that makes women feel indulged and special: that gives them confidence and gets them noticed. But the kind of luxury that is always affordable. One that makes it easy to look and feel fabulous, day in day out. Grace Cole products are all made in England: cleverly crafted, evocatively scented and beautifully presented, everything is created with luxury in mind.
Grace Cole’s full range of bath, body and home fragrance products is available in a variety of indulgent scents; from the woody tones of Warm Vanilla & Sandalwood to the lighter and zestier Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit or floral hues of Vanilla Blush & Peony and Peony & Pink Orchid.
The new and refined products keep the brand’s ethos at heart, of encouraging all women to make time to relax and its belief that feeling glamorous should be accessible to all – an everyday indulgence. Increased levels of extracts ensure the products offer more depth and quality of fragrance, while additional ingredients in its hand products mean a more luxurious moisturising product. All products are made in the UK and are MIT and paraben free, dermatologically tested, suitable for vegetarians and environmentally friendly.
Grace Cole recently launched a range of candles and diffusers to complement its skin and body care products, all inspired by the scents of its popular Signature fragrances. The new home fragrance collection, which is designed to radiate elegant and warm aromas around the home, focuses on two key products: a diffuser, which slowly releases fragrance into the room for up to 12 weeks, and a candle with a burn time up to 35 hours.
“The development of a range of candles and diffusers is a natural progression for the Grace Cole brand. The products carry our refreshed brand creative and we’re delighted to couple the launch with our tenth anniversary”.


White Nectarine & Pear Vanilla Blush & Peony Peony & Pink Orchid Orchid, Amber & Incense Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit White Rose & Lotus Flower Wild Fig & Pink Cedar Ginger Lily & Mandarin Lily & Verbena Grapefruit, Lime & Mint Warm Vanilla & Sandalwood Lavender & Chamomile
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