Coffee and freshly made doughnuts

Both teenager and husband are meat eaters and we are loving TJ Billies BBQ in Northcliff. If smoked ingredients are your thing, you will definitely love this authentic Southern American low and slow BBQ restaurant.

There is a relaxed atmosphere and nothing is too much trouble for chef Jules. My favourite dish is the pulled pork nachos.

Teenager and I love the three cheese grilled sandwich with special fries. Imagine Emmental, Provolone and Gouda with pickles and traditional fries on the side.
But, there is nothing better than coffee and freshly made doughnuts with lemon and Jalapeno chilly ice cream, on a Saturday morning, and don’t get me started on the flapjacks!
They have some great events during the year and as an American themed restaurant, you can imagine that a lot of the events are themed around those holidays – 4th of July, Halloween, Thanks Giving and a special Moonshine tasting.
Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events at and you can find their menu at
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