Big chores made small with CHUX®

Quite some time ago I received this fabulous (see the picture) bucket of product from CHUX® and most of the products were instantly put to work in the kitchen.  Here are a few of my favourites.

The first product that grabbed me was the Scourer which as you see from the photograph has a handy hole that allows you to put it on your tap. There is a bucket on the kitchen window which usually holds this stuff and when you attempt to you use the scourer, it comes out with everything else which has been stuffed into the bucket as well. So this is a winner.

Not only is it handy but it has lasted longer than other scourers which have been used which saves money and is definitely a win! For whatever life CHUX® at you! #chuxsouthafrica #theoriginalchux


From CHUX® about the product

CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Scrubs have a tough scourer for difficult kitchen cleaning jobs such as scrubbing away baked on dirt and grime from pots and pans. The unique angled shape is great for reaching deep into corners and hard to clean areas plus makes it comfortable to hold, while you’re scrubbing grime away and washing the dishes. The convenient hang hole feature allows the scourer to be stored easily by hanging it on to kitchen taps. This allows the kitchen scrub to dry quickly, keeping it hygienically ready to use.

CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Scrub Tips

  • Cleaning non-sensitive dishes
  • Cleaning ovens and microwaves
  • Remove baked-on dirt and grime on baking trays

The next best is, of course, the non-scratch scourer which fearlessly attacked the non-stick airfryer after morning bacon! #likeitneverhappened #chux #chuxsouthafrica #forwhateverlifechuxatyou #theoriginalchux

Finally, the Superwipes which we have used and used and used. Generally, these wipes don’t last very long and if they look particularly yuch at any stage, off to the bin with them. The HUX® Superwipes have managed to steer clear of the bin which is a good thing – saves money!

There are still a few items which we haven’t got to yet, but I am in no doubt that they will perform in the same way as these do.

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