Making a paper flower

When I went to Hobby-X I bought a pack of precut paper flowers. It is easy to put together and looks really great. On Trend Marketing has a large range of flowers and sizes in pre-made packs complete with instructions.

See the pics on the left you can see how the pack comes and on the right, they are all laid out so that I can see what was happening.

The circle is the centre of the flower and where you place all the petals. It was this that allowed me to place the flower on my downstairs toilet wall next to the mirror.

Each petal needs to be folded in half.


When you start to stick the petals to the round base, start with the largest petals and lay them out so that you know how they need to spaced around the circle base. You will stick the right side of the petal only and each petal will fit snugly under the left side.

When all the petals for the first layer are down, go back and stick the left side of the petals down. You will repeat this for each of the different layers of the different sizes of the petals.


Once all the petals are placed, it is time to place the centrepieces. Before sticking them, curl the ends of each petal and then place them in the middle largest to smallest.


Finally, place the very centre card and jewelled centrepiece.

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