The Value Of Frozen

Mom, we know how stressful life is especially with having to prepare a meal for your family each and every day and trying to stick to a budget. We know times are tough and that you need to make your budget stretch and your groceries last. Buying frozen is one way in which to do this.

Frozen vegetables and potatoes are not only as nutritious as fresh vegetables but buying frozen vegetables can actually save you money and help you with your meal planning. For example, it is easy to determine the number of portions you can serve from every 1kg pack of McCain frozen vegetables.

According to research adults require 120g-250g of vegetables per serving while children require 30g-50g. This means that a 1kg bag of McCain veggies can serve as a side for two meals for a family of four. If you add McCain frozen potatoes to your meal plan you will get three meals for the same size family.

Not only are frozen vegetables great for budget saving but there is also no wastage. The products are already diced and prepared with no elements of waste, unlike buying fresh products that need to be peeled, cleaned and diced. The weight that you see on the pack is the weight that you get to cook and enjoy.

So mom, next time you are thinking about what to make for dinner take a look at your freezer and pull out that pack of McCain frozen veggies. There are so many ways to use it, serve the McCain Country Crop as a vegetable bake covered with cheese and white sauce which will go perfectly with your roast chicken and McCain roast potatoes. You could add them into your lasagna, layers of mince, tomato pasta sauce, pasta, cheese and veggies all baked to perfection. For a simple meal, fry them in a pan with olive oil and garlic, perfect for a tasty steak dinner. The options are endless, and the best part is you can plan your meals and manage your bank balance.

Mom next time you are doing your shopping and meal planning don’t forget to include your McCain frozen veggies. Get creative in the kitchen and save, make it yours mom!

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