Recycling becomes a MUST in Jozi

The Glass Recycling Company supports the new ‘separation at source’ which became mandatory in the City of Johannesburg from 1 July 2018.

Separation at source is the process of separating all recyclable packaging from the rest of the rubbish and placing this recyclable packaging in a separate dustbin or bag. This, in turn, ensures that these valuable packaging materials are not sent to landfill sites but instead can be recycled. Currently, the city’s residents generate large volumes of waste and the city is fast running out of landfill space, so any efforts to alleviate the pressure on these landfill sites can only be seen as a positive.

And for those wondering how it will work……

“We will be distributing bags to each household, which will have an individual colour and material name on it to help distinguish what goes where. For example, bags for plastics only could be green, and will have the word ‘plastic’ printed on it. There will be education campaigns for our stakeholders so they can learn more about recycling. It’ll help people understand waste and the proper way to separate it, explained Environmental Mayco Member Nico de Jager.

Whether locals are ready for this change or not, this will become the new norm for the city and it will be mandatory to recycle in your home. The regular dates and routes for emptying of bins will also be used to collect recyclables, however, there will be separate vehicles to pick up the recyclables.

While there are still other municipalities that are yet to roll out mandatory separation at source, residents in these areas are encouraged to continue partaking and recycling their glass bottles and jars at a glass bank nearest to them.

Recycling should be an important part of our daily lives in order to make a lasting impact on the environment.


  • Separating your household waste has a significant and positive impact on the environment. It is as easy as using a plastic bin for non-recyclable household waste, and a durable plastic bag for plastics, glass, cans, paper etc.
  • Make recycling as convenient as possible by using existing containers, rather than buying or building new ones to separate your recyclables.
  • Encourage those around you to do the same – wouldn’t they feel guilty throwing away glass bottles and jars that can be so easily separated and then recycled?
  • Glass containers, bottles and jars, such as those used for food and beverages can all be recycled.
  • Glass that cannot be recycled with packaging glass: Windscreen glass, window pane glass, mirrors, light bulbs, drinking glasses and tumblers, Pyrex or laboratory glass. These items cannot be recycled with your regular glass recycling as this glass has different properties to packaging glass.
  • Find a glass bank on The Glass Recycling Company website:

The Glass Recycling Company consists of a team dedicated to increasing glass recycling in South Africa. We are passionate about ensuring every South African realises the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice.

About TGRC:

TGRC is funded by our loyal shareholders who manufacture glass packaging or package their products in glass. While we do not physically recycle the glass, we strive to educate, enable, encourage and inspire our communities to separate their glass for recycling daily. Our focus is not only on consumers and their communities, but also on trade, industry and corporate South Africa. We also aim to uplift impoverished communities through job creation and skills development in the recycling sector.

TGRC believes in the infinite potential of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society. At TGRC we are committed to prove that glass recycling is worth the effort! For tips and advice like us on Facebook: or visit our website

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